Update 31 October 2019

Happy Halloween for any of you who happen to celebrate it. Another example of American traditions conquering the world. In the Dutch healthcare sector a number of interesting things have been happening in the last few weeks. In this update we cover:

  • German chain of eye clinics moves into the Dutch market. Will more acquisitions follow?
  • Rehabilitation sector negatively in the news. Is the sector attractive for foreign investors?
  • Tradition provider of elderly care starts commercial franchise organization. Is this the start of a new wave of cooperation between non-profit and for-profit players in the sector?
  • In our snapshot we give an overview of Eyescan, the chain being acquired by Ober Scharrer Gruppe

Update 15 October 2019

It is official, it is now autumn. The days are getting shorter and wetter and the winter duvet has been placed on the bed. In this update we cover:

  • Dutch long-term disabled and psychiatric care sector popular with foreign investors. Will more companies follow the lead of Orpea and Reseau Abilis?
  • New laws to be introduced to limit fraud and excessive profits in the Dutch healthcare sector. What will be the effects on foreign investors?
  • ADG sells staffing company focusing on the healthcare sector. Is it leaving the sector?

Update 1 October 2019

Here in the Netherlands the weather is still reasonable but early mornings definitely have an autumn feel. In this update we cover:

  • Financials of operators in the psychiatric care sector worsen. Will the new financing structure improve overall profitability?
  • Changes in the financing of palliative care from 2020. Will this make the sector attractive for commercial players?
  • In our snapshot we give an overview of Tzorg, a large national provider of non-medical homecare

Update 17 September 2019

Here in the Netherlands it looks like we will be getting an Indian summer. I hope that you are enjoying some nice weather as well. In this update we cover:

  • Analysis of elderly-care annual reports highlight decrease in capacity and investments in new locations. How will the coming surge in demand for nursing homes be met?
  • Report highlights Dutch co-payment system that makes commercial nursing home care very attractive. Is it government policy to encourage the elderly to pay for accommodations and services themselves?
  • In our snapshot we give an overview of MKA Groep, a provider of dental surgery services with national ambitions

Update 3 September 2019

After a fairly long break and a quiet summer in the Dutch healthcare sector this is an update on key news:

  • Government think thank publishes positive report on commercial nursing home sector but with questions regarding specialized geriatric care. Will there be tighter rules on the level of care to be provided in commercial nursing homes?
  • Annual reports highlight structural changes to Dutch hospital sector. How will the sector cope with ongoing reduction in demand?
  • Actief Zorg acquires another bankrupt commercial healthcare provider

Update 18 July 2019

I hope that you have all been able to enjoy the summer. I will be off for a couple of weeks but will be reachable if you have any urgent questions. Here in the Netherlands there has been a lot of interesting news and publications the last few weeks:

  • Korian receives a formal OK for its acquisition of Stepping Stones. Will this mark the start of further growth?
  • The Blueprint Group in cash squeeze but has found a new investor. Have they grown too big too quickly?
  • Bergman Clinics enters new service area and makes in an acquisition in Scandinavia. Is this the start of a further pan-European growth?
  • Level of investments in healthcare real estate grows again. Can further growth be expected?

Update 1 July 2019

Excuses for the long delay since the last update. I have been extremely busy on a very interesting project and have unfortunately not been able to squeeze in the time to write an update until now. In this update I cover the following news and issues:

  • Recent analysis highlights growing need for more nursing homes in the Netherlands, but focus is on short term measures. What will be done to ensure more overall capacity?
  • Improved profitability for Dutch hospitals, but overall profitability is still very low. Can profitability be sufficiently improved to meet the expected challenges for the hospital sector or will we be seeing more bankruptcies?
  • Extra money to be freed up to meet growing demand for elderly care and the higher costs for specific patient groups. Will this make the Dutch nursing home sector even more attractive?

Update 4 June 2019

Welcome to the newest update on private healthcare in the Netherlands. In this newsletter we cover the following news and issues:

  • Payment model for psychiatric care definitely to be changed. Will this make the sector more attractive?
  • Minister of Health wants to reorganize the provision of district nursing. Good news or bad news?
  • ING report highlights attractiveness of Dutch elderly care sector. Is it time to enter the market?
  • Financial health of large incumbent providers of psychiatric care is weaker than generally reported. What will happen in the sector going forward?

Update 14 May 2019

It has been relatively quiet the last few weeks in the Dutch healthcare sector but we look at a couple of organizations that could be of interest as acquisition targets:

  • Zorg van de Zaak continues growth by acquisition. Is this an interesting party for an international player interested in the Dutch healthcare market?
  • Disabled care organization in the northern part of the Netherlands looking to be acquired. Could it of interest to an international player?

Update 25 April 2019

In this latest update on what is happening in the Dutch commercial healthcare sector we cover:

  • Korian enters the Dutch elderly care market. How will further consolidation take place?
  • Limited risks for bank-financing of Dutch healthcare operators. Why are banks still reducing their exposure to the sector?
  • Ongoing discussions about the financing of long-term care increases uncertainty going forward
  • In our snapshot we give an overview of WFZ, the organization guaranteeing loans to Dutch healthcare providers

Update 4 April 2019

Welcome to the latest update on what is happening in the Dutch commercial healthcare sector. In this update we cover:

  • The continuing saga concerning the bankruptcy of the MC Groep. Will the Slotervaart hospital rise from the dead?
  • FortaGroep acquires Pi-Groep. Another step in the consolidation of the Dutch psychiatric care sector?
  • In our snapshot we give an overview of FortaGroep, the growing provider of psychiatric care

Update 14 March 2019

Welcome to the latest update on what is happening in the Dutch commercial healthcare sector. In this update we cover:

  • English homecare provider Heritage Healthcare to start operations in the Netherlands. Is the foreign interest in this sector growing?
  • Law to transfer financing of long-term psychiatric care to central government is sent to parliament. Will this make the sector more attractive for international investors?
  • Study by Deloitte highlights strong growth of Private Equity investments in Dutch healthcare sector. Will this growth continue?
  • In our snapshot we give an overview of DermaClinic, a growing chain of cosmetic clinics

Update 26 February 2019

Welcome to the latest update on what is happening in the Dutch commercial healthcare sector. In this update we cover:

  • Activities Joost Zorgt acquired by Actief Zorg. Will the consolidation of the homecare sector continue?
  • Growing discussions on the allocation of extra money for nursing homes. Will the government make the rules more flexible?
  • In our snapshot we give an overview of Actief Zorg, a growing provider of homecare services.

Update 8 February 2019

This last week has been an exciting and very interesting week with the start of a public debate on key issues related to foreign investments in the Dutch healthcare sector and a public forum for my thoughts on these issues. For the rest, the last couple of weeks have been relatively quiet, so the focus of this update will be what has been happening this week.


Update 22 January 2019

I hope that you have all had a great break and an excellent start to the new year. Welcome to the first update for 2019 on what is happening in the Dutch commercial healthcare market. In this update we cover:

  • General Practitioner doctors complain about work they must carry out for patients living in small-scale commercial nursing homes. Will this lead to further consolidation in the sector?
  • Aedifica continues high level of investments in the Dutch market. What will be required to make the Netherlands its second home market?
  • Orpea continues expansion into Dutch healthcare market. Is Orpea expanding its strategic focus to medical home care?
  • In our snapshot we give an overview of Omega Groep, a provider of a broad range of services for clients with development and behavioral issues services.
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